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Who is MHSF For?

Missionaries of the Holy Spirit in the Family appeals to Catholic married couples, particularly younger generations, who yearn to transform the world through the sacrament of marriage and the gift of the family. Many married couples who long for an understanding of life's joys and  difficulties look to the Church's teaching for answers, but lack a supportive community. MHSF is able to provide a community that allows couples to grow in holiness with the support and love of other families, ultimately making normal what culture tells us is not.


Our friend and co-founder of MHSF, Fr. Ben Holdren, has said about formation: “As a priest, I received six years of formation. How much formation do married couples receive in marriage prep - about six hours?" Marriages deeply rooted in the foundation of truth, goodness, and beauty will be the bedrock of renewing the culture. Christ chose a small number of intimate disciples, and our Lord began all of creation with only a family. An emphasis on this intimate, personal encounter has the power to transform society at its very root.

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MHSF has the power, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, to transform a marriage into a beacon of hope for the rest of the culture. The apostolate began out of a desire to "sanctify the ordinary" life of the domestic church. C.S. Lewis said that true friendship "is born at the moment when one man says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" Many couples have committed to live the mission of MHSF, and have surrendered their marriages to the Holy Spirit. We have reached even more couples in our newsletter and other avenues, and are seeing a growing interest and desire to sanctify the domestic church.


MHSF seems to be an answer and a gift to many couples who have been seeking this in their own lives, and are already seeing fruits from this mission through evangelization efforts and new family practices. We believe that our missionaries and their "yes" to become who they are will greatly impact their children, the Church, and the world. 

If you are interested in discerning MHSF, read more about how the process works, or reach out to us directly.

"It's amazing to see where we were prior to MHSF and where we are now!

God is SO good. Since joining MHSF:

  • We invoke the Holy Spirit daily within our prayer as a family and as a couple

  • We pray over one another, which never happened prior to MHSF

  • We have no fear and love to pray with other people when they come over for dinner

  • We understand our own and one another's spiritual gifts

  • We've created a space within our home where we go to pray individually and as a family

  • We are growing in relationship with the Holy Spirit as a Person and trusting His power 

We are so grateful for this apostolate! God is working in amazing ways."

- Kyle and Courtney Warday, St. Francis Chapter



Thank you for contacting MHSF! We will respond to your message soon.

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