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Formation & Community

"MHSF helped us realize we were not alone in our journey to grow our family and strive towards sanctity. Being able to gather and have real conversations about how to grow, mold and shape our families, brought us together as a couple. MHSF was the gateway which allowed us to be vulnerable in new ways. As a result, some of the most fruitful heart-to-hearts we have ever had as a married couple came after MHSF meetings as we unpacked our experiences together."

- Greg & Julie Stevens, St. Francis Chapter

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Why is Marriage Formation Needed?

You may be this just a “couples group” that is trying to be holier than the rest? No! Holiness is not one size fits all - we need to let the Holy Spirit run wild. As we discerned the apostolate, we discovered in married couples a deep desire to feel seen and heard by others who are striving for the same thing. MHSF, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, strives to provide that formation and community for couples, in an intentional and structured way that helps families ‘become what they are.” We want to help married couples live out holiness, so we can all achieve our destiny in this life and in the next.

Like most men preparing for the priesthood, our friend and co-founder Fr. Ben Holdren spent six years preparing for his vocation at seminary. How much time do couples spend formally preparing for the vocation of marriage? As families, we are at a disadvantage in understanding what marriage is and how to live it out. St. John Paul II envisioned a formation of that was more comprehensive and journeyed with couples. We asked the question, "What does it look like to have greater formation for the sacrament of marriage?" and we feel that MHSF is part of the answer. We strive to "enter into the breach" of marriage formation to walk with couples who are searching for a way to very intentionally live out God's plan for their marriage.

What Formation Looks Like

In short, formation is a two-year commitment lived in mission together with a small community of like-minded married couples. This community forms a "chapter" and helps form husband and wife through human, intellectual, spiritual, and apostolic formation through a 24 month seminary-like experience alongside others striving for sanctity. Couples discover what they are (the Church’s teaching on marriage & family) and how to become that (the living out of charisms, gifts, and the practical application of vows & promises). 

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Helping couples encounter the Holy Spirit by surrendering to Jesus Christ, in order to find true friendship with Him, and fully live out the sacrament of marriage together.




Giving couples solid truth that God has revealed through the Church, its documents, the Catechism, and Sacred Scripture as a launching point for small group discussion and reflection.


Human Formation

Creating an environment for couples to enter into deep, meaningful friendships with other couples so they can journey together and find encouragement knowing they're not striving for sanctity alone.


Apostolic Formation

Deepening a couple's spiritual life, aided by holy friendships, in order to more deeply enter into family life, parish life, and work life according to God’s design for their lives.

Guided by the Holy Spirit

Formation strengthens families in their capacity to live out the universal call to holiness in a real, tangible, and applicable manner to help transform society from the inside out. While formation is robust, the true power comes from the Holy Spirit, who is unleashed through the authentic relationships formed in each community. At its core, formation is really about encountering the personal love and grace of the Holy Spirit - including a weekend retreat specifically focused on Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Together we help you discern what God created you for, and discover your purpose. For more information, download our discernment packet here. If you are interested in joining a chapter, contact us at the form below.



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